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What We Do

Project Management

GCS specializes in integration of process control and associated production/packaging systems for the food and pharmaceutical industries.  Every system is developed using our Process Intelligence™ methodology, which builds intelligence and ingenuity into your automation solution.


Our in-depth industry knowledge lets us consistently find ways to save money and increase production through automation.  We can partner with you in developing “brains” that maximize the efficiency of new product production lines.  For retrofits and technology upgrades our systems deliver quantifiable improvements.


We take the time upfront to understand how you run your plant and investigate the most suitable technology for your needs.  Your system is always designed to fit your system architecture, your priorities, and your business procedures.  Meeting your objectives is our goal.  Our reputation is based on consistent success.




Outline the scope of work and implementation phases; assess which phases can overlap.


Define functionality, schedule and cost; set performance standards.


Select the most suitable resources from GCS staff and trusted sub-contractors.


Assign clearly defined responsibilities and specific tasks to each team member.


Track individual, collaborative and overall team progress; adjust resources if needed.


Oversee, measure and correct performance; issue change orders and adjust schedule.

Data Acquisition/Reporting

GCS designs data acquisition and reporting systems with emphasis on reliability and integrity.  Our custom reports cover all the bases:  production status, asset allocation, and compliance tracking.  


Reporting capabilities are built on standard SQL tools to provide flexibility in report generation interfaces, formatting, file format and delivery.  This lets you take advantage of today’s technology for user access and report distribution, including intranet websites, email and SMS messaging.


One of our major data acqusition projects gathers process information from 8 plants and automatically generates over 35,000 reports per year.

We can specify, configure and program the building blocks of your automation system.  We choose standard, modular, scalable components to extend system lifespan and intelligent components to enhance system integrity.

Open systems facilitate on-going functionality additions and technology evolution.


System Building Blocks

Integration Capabilities

A project is a success when GCS and the customer agree that given a chance to repeat the project, it would be delivered with the same performance, on the same schedule, at the same price."  - Manuel David, President