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Our Focus is Process Intelligence™

Process Intelligence

GCS specializes in process control for the FDA regulated industries. Every system is developed using Process Intelligence™, which builds intelligence, ingenuity, and innovation into your system implementation.


The Process Intelligence™ framework is a disciplined approach to process automation developed by GCS. It differs from other project lifecycle models by fostering a culture of creative engineering.  Every team member is encouraged to explore better ideas and methods for system design and implementation.


We make Process Intelligence™ an integral part of all system development activities at GCS. Process Intelligence™ lets us find smart ways to save money and increase production – and integrate them into all aspects of your delivered system.  You get optimized PLC code that saves resources and speeds production, all the way to comprehensive reporting that pinpoints areas for on-going improvement.






GCS’ designs take advantage of intelligent technology, from self-diagnostic instrumentation to virtual servers that provide automatic load balancing, high availability, and reduced data center footprint.




Process Innovation

GCS investigates innovative alternatives for improving process controls thru automation.  We proactively research new technologies that can help our customers achieve their production goals.


Process Information

GCS systems provide dynamic data access and reports relevant to process/production analysis.  They let users query databases on the fly to find the data they need for timely decision-making and enhanced productivity.




Process Integrity

GCS designs systems with reliable hardware, consistent functionality, and accurate data collection.  You can rely on your system’s integrity to deliver quality product and repeatable results.




Process Implementation

GCS follows strict system implementation and validation procedures that adhere to cGMP standards and customer SOPs.  Supplied systems meet all regulatory compliance and end-user requirements.


Process Improvement

Information is the key to on-going optimization.  Targeted, flexible reporting pinpoints areas for improvement. Open systems facilitate implementation of changes that reduces costs and increases production.




Process Ingenuity

GCS’ staff is encouraged to use their ingenuity in meeting customer requirements.  We look for new and better ways to improve efficiency and reduce production costs through automation.




Process Integration

All GCS systems are designed to integrate into our customers’ automation architecture through open, flexible solutions.  They conform to established business processes and procedures.