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Data Acquisition System Generates 35,000 Reports a Year


The gelatin plant operates 24/7.  Automation of manual processes resulted in a gain of two hours of production time per day, or almost 10%, over previous benchmarks. This translates into 1 ½  months of gained production time per year. An independent University of Iowa Study documented water savings alone of over $400,000 per year.



Gelatin Plant Maximizes Production, Minimizes Costs


Temperature and pressure data from plants in eight states  is collected and stored per equipment cycle.

The system architecture is fault-tolerant, delivering robust  reliability. Plant personnel can access  scheduled reports, generate on-demand reports  and make SQL queries.The intranet reporting website can be accessed using any web browser.

GSC turned a batch server hardware failure that threatened to stop production into an opportunity to dramatically improve IT services plantwide.

Server  virtualization replaced 37 servers, supported by a cluster of three high-end servers with high availability and no single point of failure.

Virtualization Replaces 37 Servers